The combination of the power of the youth, wisdom accumulated over time, and the natural / courteous attitude differentiate him from other general warriors. The power from the nine-foot tall body is so enormous as to make him easily wield the scimitar like a small wooden stick. He is 'the Legend of Sword, Jang Moo Geuk', the next leader of JongNam party. Sama(Jang Moo Geuk’s childhood name), born in a wealthy family, followed the warrior tradition of his family that had been handed down from generation to generation, beginning in his childhood when other friends played house in their village. He is called 'Small War God', in the capital of the world, because he is able to manufacture and handle various weapons, as well as having peerless skills. He leaves the main gate of JongNam party with his loyal dog, 'Hwami', riding his favorite white horse, whenever dawn rises on the continent.

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