GYO has religious personality.
GYO receive qualification upon completion of quest and gaining the Holy Treasure.
GYO must swear of blood and for this an Bloody Promise is needed. You can buy the Item at Chunmyoung in Valley Village.
Original way of breaking out is not available.
Joining available with no Lawful/Evil limits.
GYO has more attack power level up than other guild members. (a fanatic)

Creation    Join    Leave / Withdraw Member
LVL 120+  LVL 60  -2% Fame  max. 50
25.000 Fame  Bloody Promise  -20 Personal Gold (Leave)
1000 Gold  - 20 Guild Gold (withdraw)
Hokyo Treasure

You can donate Gold and Fame to the Guild to get a higher Grade (you can see it at Guildgrade)
Once you donated Gold or Fame you can not get it back.
You can set Positions in the Guild as the following showed:

Position Name Number Set Position Dismiss   Invite  Kick out
GYO Master max. 1 1000 Gold V V V
Sub GYO Master max. 2 500 Gold - V V
RYNG Master max. 3 200 Gold - - -
Buddha´s Master max. 5 100 Gold - V -
GYO Member max. 49 - - - -
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