Creation        Join      Leave / Withdraw Members
LVL 100+ LVL 84+ -2% Fame max. 12
1000 Gold 25 Gold -10 Personal Gold (Leave)
-10 Guild Gold (Withdraw)

GAK is a smaller group than guild made for specific purpose.
Only Evil kind and open.
Can not join war related to guild. (Area war/ Guild war/Great guild war)
You can donate Gold and Fame to the Guild to get a higher Grade (you can see it at Guildgrade)
Once you donated Gold or Fame you can not get it back.
You can set Positions in the Guild as the following showed:

Position Name Number Set Position Dismiss    Invite   Kick out
GAK Master max. 1 100 Gold V V V
Sub GAK Master max. 2 50 Gold - V V
Senior Master max. 3 30 Gold - - -
Hyang Master  max. 5 10 Gold - V -
GAK Member max. 11 - - - -
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