Martial Heroes Wikia

Chung Rang, born in SeomSeo Castle, had to live apart from her family at the age of 10, due to severe poverty, not avoiding painful work that even adults can hardly endure. However, all that she was able to do was to send a small amount of money to the family in her home town.
She could not spend a day without worrying about how she could avoid going without a meal. One day, she happened to help a blind beggar on the street, the disguised master of the assassin guild, which event changed her life completely. She followed him to become as assassin. Now, she is 21 years old. The once freckled face is softly covered with pink cosmetics, with white teeth between her lips becoming part of her splendid beauty in harmony with her dimples.
Furthermore, the elegant body line seen faintly tells that she has come of age. If she receives an assignment, she eliminates her target by using turbo speed and secret skills she learned through various kinds of training. She is known as Black Shadow, Heuk Young, one of the top three assassins in the world.